Before being allowed to take charge of a two-wheeled bike, you first have to extensively prepare for a Compulsory Basic Training exam. Safety gear such as clothing and helmets have evolved over the years to ensure safer riding experiences. However, there are still other motorists to be put into consideration. A CBT exam is intended to make road use safer. The test comprises of 5 sections that combine both road safety skills as well as riding theory. There are a few things that you should pay careful attention to when preparing for a CBT test. Here is further insight into what you should know ahead of the exam.

The CBT Test

The CBT exam normally takes up a single day to complete. It has five sections that are namely:
– Intro and eyesight check
– On-site training
– On-site riding
– On-road training
– On-road riding

Intro and Eyesight Check

It involves learning why you are undertaking the CBT exam as well as what the exam allows you to ride. You additionally get to be informed of what is planned for the rest of the day. You are required to peruse through a few legal documents and undergo an eyesight exam. You will also have to review the legal requirements for handling a two-wheel bike. Those that haven’t carried their own safety gear will be outfitted at this stage.

On-Site Training

Training is conducted by an instructor that first directs you to an ample open site and presents the bike you will be handling. He will go through the bike’s controls and allow you to walk around with it for you to get properly acquainted with it. You will eventually get a feel of its weight and how it generally moves. You also get to practice how to use the side stand.

On-Site Riding

You get to proceed to this stage once the instructor is satisfied with your progress in the first stage. At this point, you get to sit on the bike and start its engine. The instructor pays careful attention to how you start, ride in a straight line, bend through corners and finally stop. This stage involves going through a circuit to enable you to get more used to the bike’s gears and balance.

On-Road Training

Upon proper mastery of riding and handling the bike in an open space, you get to continue to the on-road training stage. This stage normally takes place inside a classroom. It is conducted by an instructor that goes through the Highway Code, road positioning, the legalities of bike riding and so much more.

On-Road Riding

It is the most interesting part of the test since it involves actually hitting the road on a bike. You are first issued with a radio for you to keep receiving instructions from your instructor that will be riding behind you. The on-road riding exam normally takes up 2 hours. The instructor is tasked with assessing your full capability by observing your mastery of the road safety rules and the ability to safely handle the bike.

This guideline on the basic components of the CBT test is enough to take you to the next step. To book yours, simply contact London Motorcycle Training.